SMART principle
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SMART principle

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SMART principle

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SMART principle

Share some tips on how to effectively set and achieve goals

good morning everyone! Today at Mildtrans's morning meeting, colleagues shared with you some methods on how to effectively set and achieve goals, namely the SMART principle.

SMART is a simple but very effective tool that helps us ensure that our goals are feasible and clear. The following is the content to share:

1. First of all, SMART stands for:

1) Specific: Make sure the goals are clear and understand what we want to achieve.

2) Measurable: Goals should be quantifiable so that we know whether progress is being made.

3) Achievable: Goals should be realistic and feasible, taking into account our resources and capabilities.

4) Relevant: Goals should be related to our long-term vision and short-term priorities.

5) Time-bound: We should set a clear time frame in order to monitor and evaluate our progress.

Let us illustrate the application of SMART principles through an example:

2. Goals that do not have SMART characteristics:

"We want to increase sales."

This goal is not specific enough because it does not clearly state how much sales will be increased, nor does it specify a time frame. Also, it is not easy to measure because there are no clear metrics.

3. Goals with SMART characteristics:

"In the next quarter, we want to increase laptop mouse sales by 10%, which will be achieved by increasing exposure on social media and email marketing channels."

This goal is more specific because it specifies the percentage increase in sales and how it will be achieved, and it is also measurable because we can easily track sales. Additionally, it is actionable because we achieve our goals by increasing exposure and is relevant to our business vision. Finally, it is also time-bound as it sets a deadline to be completed within the next quarter.


By adopting SMART principles, we can better manage our goals and ensure we are moving in the right direction.

Thank you everyone for watching!


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