"If Perfection does not exist..."
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"If Perfection does not exist..."

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 "If Perfection does not exist..."

“ ...小满之后其实没有大满!”

"If Perfection does not exist..."

(The English version is translated by Baidu.)


In 1994, there was a popular song - "I Want to Go to Guilin". When the music teacher taught us that song, he mentioned that there was something helplessness in this song, but when I listened to that song, it only ignited my love for Guilin. Many years later, I wandered to many places, but I never went to Guilin. I didn't go to Guilin, it seems that it has nothing to do with money and time, mayby Guilin just stayed in the singing of 1994.



A few days ago, I brought my parents to live in Shenzhen. Before we headed to Shenzhen, my father repeatedly reminded me: Ten days at most, ten days to go back and forth, we will be back Hunan! On the ninth day, my father couldn't hold it any longer and was clamoring to go back. Coincidentally, my best friend was planning a trip with his parents, and we hit it off. After repeated lobbying, my parents agreed to the plan to return to hometown via Guilin. So, these two elderly people stayed in Shenzhen for another week, and I spent this week to arrange well my work before Guilin.

    Before leaving, my lovely daughter said with a sad face, "Mom, my father is accompany my grandmother, and you and my grandparents are leaving too. I become a left-behind child." I joked: In order to prevent you from being a left-behind child for a long time, we have to let our parents be left-behind parents. My daughter asked unwillingly: Can't my grandfather and grandma go to Guilin by themselves? I hold my daughter: I'm starting to look forward to when we reach the age of my grandparents, and my daughter can take some time to go out with us.





Starting early in the morning, I took out my computer in the waiting hall and began to implement the plan I was going to write. I asked my teacher to give me some suggestions. The teacher reminded me: From the perspective of work, we should not give up or even delay on more important and urgent things just because we did something we are interested in. After accepte the teacher's lucky money and proverbs, I star to work on the keyboard.

May 21 is Xiaoman. To be honest, I have never paid attention to Xiaoman in China's 24 solar terms. It's only this year that this solar term has been unexpectedly noisy due to some disturbances. I don't care much about trouble, but "Xiaoman" has caused me some thinking.

The picture of the old life after retirement in my mind is always hidden in the mountains and forests, bent over the desk, with a spring of thoughts in my heart and a spirit in my writing I always think that only when the years grow old, experienced the mulberry sea and the vicissitudes of the field(another long story), my heart and my pen will be full and flow. However, if perfection does not exist, my heart and my pen can flow in any moment!



   “Mildtrans”是2004年我先生给新公司起英文名时我提出来的,因为先生给新公司起的中文名是“中川”。中川取的是“中庸之道 海纳百川”之意,当时我认为Mild是比较能表达“中庸之道”的,而trans与“川”谐音,还有川流不息、变化之意,所以便自创了一个词——MILDTRANS。Mildtrans这个词至今没有被英文字典收录,所以至今在Office文档输入Mildtrans时还是会被红线标识,但Mildtrans作为商标早在2014年便已经注册。


"Mildtrans" was put forward when Mr. Leping Chen named the new company in English in 2004, Mr. Leping Chen named the new company in Chinese as "Zhongchuan". It originated "middle-of-the-road & All rivers run into sea". At that time, I thought mild was more able to express "middle-of-the-road", while trans was homonymous with "Chuan", and it also meant that there was constant flow and change, so I created a word myself - mildtrans. The word mildtrans has not been included in the English dictionary, so it will still be marked by a red line when entering mildtrans in office documents, but mildtrans has been registered as a trademark as early as 2014.

I find most of the brands-building start with trademarks. Everyone's elaboration and understanding on the brands is different. Mildtrans is as gentle as her literal meaning, which can reflect "the middle-of-the-road" and convey the Chinese spirit. China is now very strong and difficult, but I always believe that this is the road that our Chinese want to go---On this road, our Chinese will be a gentleman and persevere.




Daisy is the English name that appeared on my work card when I worked in the company for the first time after graduating from college. At that time, I also felt that the company had "no human rights", and the naming of such a major event did not require the consent of the parties. Miraculously, I agreed with the English name daisy later. Some people say that the flower language of the little daisy is hope and happiness. I think it should also be bright hope and stable happiness! Therefore, I also gained an empirical: most of the time, what we resist is not the water or air itself, but the container containing water or other breath entrained or entrained in the air.


Laptop Parts Distributor

   Laptop Parts Distributor是2010年生我女儿后开始提出的一个定位。笔记本电脑配件产品的业务是2009年我在先生的帮助下开始的。开始后一周,我发现一个新生命竟然也神奇地悄然而至。毕竟才开始一个星期,continue or not continue, that is the question。事业是我今生的事业,孩子是我今生的孩子,上天给了我这样一个让我能与今生挚爱携手同行的机会,我有什么理由不珍惜呢? 孕期是难熬的,何况我怀的还是双胞胎,一个在身体里,一个在身体外。从很小,很险,到慢慢稳定,到看到希望感到满足。

After the birth of my daughter in 2010, I put forward "Laptop parts distributor"a position. The business of laptop parts was started in 2009 with the help of Mr Leping Chen. A week after the beginning, I found that a new life had magically quietly arrived. Continue or not continue, that is the question. Career is my career in this life, and baby are my baby in this life. God has given me such an opportunity to walk hand in hand with the love of this life. Why don't I cherish it? Pregnancy is tough, and I'm even pregnant with twins, one inside and one outside. From small and dangerous, to slowly stable, to satisfied with hope.




May 24, 20

On the journey from Shenzhen to Guilin

By Daisy Wu


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